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Obama Speaks On Afghanistan’s Future and New Agreement (VIDEO)

| On 02, May 2012

On Tuesday afternoon, President Obama landed in Afghanistan for a surprise visit to the country’s leader Hamid Karzai.

While there, the president signed an agreement that in essence lays out how the U.S. will transition its role in Afghanistan. All U.S. troops are set to be out of the country by the end of 2014.

Once the two leaders signed the agreement, President Obama took to the airwaves to give a brief speech to describe the plan. He reiterated how Americans have long grown sick of the war and the troops will come home. However, because we started this mess we must finish it.

The backdrop of Afghanistan, particularly on Tuesday, was important for the Obama Administration. The U.S. marked the first anniversary of the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on May 1, 2011.



What do you think of the U.S. plan to transition out of Afghanistan and into a support role in the next two and a half years?

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