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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Obama Talks Directly to Americans In New Campaign Ad (VIDEO)

| On 24, Jul 2012

The ads keep churning out from the Obama campaign. However, one they released this week is slightly different than many of the previous ones.

In the new spot, titled “The Choice,” we see President Obama sitting down to make a direct appeal into the camera to voters. The idea is to use his ability to connect with Americans to play to his advantage. It’s almost as if he’s asking each audience member directly, “Vote for me … and here’s why.”

Many of Obama’s previous ads have featured his voiceovers combined with charts, graphs, and B-roll footage of him from past events. It’s a more impersonal, but logistically easier, way to get the spots produced.

The new ad shows many of the same themes from the campaign. It hits on the economy, taxes, and strengthening the middle class. No new flashy information. At this point, they are drilling their message over and over again hoping that new people will catch on and retain it. It’s a necessary advertising evil.

This ad is set to run in several battleground states this week. It will make its TV debut in Colorado next week, however, due to the campaign’s decision not to advertise after the Aurora shootings.


Does the direct appeal by President Obama in ads like this sway your opinion?

Or, are you satisfied with ads where he does not talk into the camera?

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