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Obama Talks Directly to the People In Yet Another Campaign Ad (VIDEO)

| On 02, Oct 2012

With only five weeks left until Election Day, the candidates are pulling out the big guns in advertising that has been flooding the airwaves.

In one of the most recent TV spots from the Obama campaign, titled “Table,” we see a slight change in the candidate. This is one of the few times President Obama speaks directly to the camera.

The idea is to give the feel that Obama is sitting at their kitchen table explaining why he should be re-elected to a second term. He tries to create as much of a contrast as possible between he and Mitt Romney.

This is also one opportunity that the president uses to lay out a broad plan for the next four years — something his critics have hammered him about. In it, he talks about deficit reduction, investments at home, clean energy, and growing the middle class.



What do you think about President Obama’s appearance in his own ad titled, “Table?”

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