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Obama to Rain On GOP Convention Week With Media Push

| On 27, Aug 2012

Barack Obama president Republican National Convention 2012

Is President Obama trying to outshine the Republican National Convention? (Photo credit unknown)

President Obama is not playing about maximizing every opportunity he can to get the word out about his re-election.

In a change of pace that has become more commonplace in recent election cycles, Obama plans to ramp up his media presence during the rivaling Republican National Convention in Tampa. The unspoken rule of past presidential campaigns has been that Democrats don’t try to outshine Republicans during their convention week and vice versa. It’s a small act of civility in what can be a bitter campaign.

Obama said ‘to hell’ with what you THOUGHT he should do in 2012. He seems keenly aware of the forces he’s up against from conservatives — including bitter rhetoric, partisan media, and lots of Republican cash.

According to CNN, here is what the Obama campaign will be up to during the Republican National Convention week:

  • President Obama will visit college towns in three states over two days starting on Tuesday.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama will appear on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Wednesday.
  • Vice President Joe Biden was supposed to visit Florida on Monday and Tuesday, however, those plans have been scrapped for security and weather reasons.

Please believe that the campaign will also keep its email outreach to reporters ALIVE during the Republican proceedings. The campaign is already trigger-happy with emails to the general public. Multiply that times five for media folks.

Brace yourselves for a bloody fight to November 6!

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