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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Obama Underwhelms With 8.2 Percent Unemployment and 80K New Jobs

| On 06, Jul 2012

Barack Obama president bus tour Ohio Pennsylvania

President Obama is wrapping up a battleground state bus tour to tout all the great things he believes he’s done for the American people.

But, the president got a dose of reality on Friday morning when the June jobs and unemployment report showed up on his tour bus.

Unemployment remains unchanged at 8.2 percent. Only 80,000 new jobs were added across the country, a weak figure in are the area of labor numbers. To truly attack the depth of the recession, the economy needs to add a few hundred thousand jobs monthly to make real improvement.

The jobs and unemployment news added a damper to the bus tour. Ohio and Pennsylvania, where the bus tour stopped, were hard-hit manufacturing states in the recession. It’s a bit ironic that dim economic news came while Obama visited those states to sell his progress.

All is not lost. Ohio and Pennsylvania both have unemployment rates that are lower than the national average. And while Mitt Romney used today’s figures to show how ineffective he thinks Obama is, the president still has a nice lead of him in local polling.

This is one of those situations where Obama needed a home run, but he only got a single. Conservatives are making it seem as if he screwed over the whole game. Umm, not true.



Why do you think the most recent reports show such weak U.S. job growth numbers?

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