Obama’s Black Radio Ad Could Sell Cheap Fast Food, Not a Campaign (AUDIO)

| On 13, Jun 2012

So, President Obama is finally doing some outreach to the African-American community .. and we are already six months into the new year. Please catch the shade I’m throwing.

The Obama campaign released a radio spot that has popped up online. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. No, better yet, I am. It was trash. The Obama team was doing an awful lot in 60 seconds.

Against the backdrop of singers in unison saying “We’ve got your back…,” we hear soundbites of the president talking about various issues — healthcare, education, tax cuts, etc.

This sounds like those ethnic ass McDonald’s commercials which suck to no end. I don’t see why blacks need a beat and a repetitive hook to hear a 60-second spot. To me, this shows how the campaign continues to take the black vote for granted.

“You know we’ve got your back..,” the singer(s) harmonized.

It would have been much more appropriate to hear clips of how Obama has actually had the black community’s back for the last three and a half years. The soundbites in the commercial were general as ever.

I hope like hell that the campaign can come up with different angles to touch the black community this election cycle. This ad AIN’T IT!



What are your honest thoughts on this black radio ad from the Obama campaign? 

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