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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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Obama’s New Spanish Ads Tout Healthcare Reform (VIDEO en Español)

| On 08, May 2012

The Obama campaign is not playing with the Latino vote this election cycle. Not only is he targeting specific states, but also giving the Spanish-speaking community what they need.

One of the latest Spanish ads focuses on the healthcare reform progress President Obama has made and its impact on Latino families.

Again, the president goes the route of using Spanish-speaking campaign workers to appear in the ads. While that’s a “safe” strategy, I’m always looking to get outside of the talking points.

For instance, how are his policies affecting everyday Spanish speakers? The campaign workers are well-messaged in English and Spanish, but I want to see people who are not in that role.

This latest group of Spanish ads will appear in Colorado, Nevada, and Florida. This is part of an all-out ad war that the president’s team is embarking on to inform potential supporters. Though the Romney campaign and its groups are regularly releasing ads too, they have some catching up to do on the Spanish side of things.

To see each of the three new ads, click here.



What other groups besides Spanish speakers and Latinos would you like to see the Obama campaign focus ad dollars on this election cycle?

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