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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Pell Grant Cuts Looming For Thousands on July 1

| On 21, May 2012

The government is snatching its purse out the hands of thousands of college students on federal grants. (Photo credit unknown)

For people trying to “do right” and get ahead and better themselves with education, things just got a little rougher in this country.

Federal Pell Grants are being cut to thousands of students beginning July 1. This is a result of last year’s debt ceiling agreement that offered budget cuts in return for more borrowing power. Thank your Republican representation for that one since they went crazy trying to cut their way to success.

Here are the types of students that will be affected by the upcoming reductions, according to the San Jose Mercury News:

  • 65,000 new college students without high school diplomas or GED’s. (i.e., some students at community and for-profit colleges).
  • 63,000 students who have been in school more than the new maximum of six years allowed under the Pell Grant program.
  • 300,000 students who will see the grant either reduced or eliminated because of the more stringent income requirements.

College costs are already off the meters. Now these cuts only add insult to injury for people who may be wading through a sea of debt just to get a degree. It will either push people toward more loans or force people to quit school altogether.

It’s really sad to me how lawmakers think cuts in education will improve our quality of life in the future. The lack of even basic investment in learning in the U.S. as a standard way of governing blows my mind.



How do you feel about impending cuts to the federal Pell Grant program? 

Do you feel the government has a responsibility to help Americans with college costs?

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