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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Pennsylvania Judge Defends Voters and Blocks ID Law

| On 02, Oct 2012

Voters protest the controversial voter ID law in Pennsylvania this summer. (Marc Levy/AP)

There are still a few good people left in the fight to protect the rights of voters in Pennsylvania.

Judge Robert Simpson blocked the state’s new voter ID law on Tuesday that would have required all voters to have a government issued photo ID to vote next month. The original law caused an uproar in the state and local/national media who cried foul at the possibility of voter disenfranchisement.

Estimates said that nearly 775,000 people were unprepared for the voter ID requirement in Pennsylvania. Many of these voters lived in the Pittsburgh, Erie, and Philadelphia areas (i.e., Democratic strongholds).

In the judge’s ruling, he said that he didn’t see significant progress in getting those people armed with voter ID cards in time for the election. He cited the fact that there are only five weeks left until Election Day.

This ruling does NOT meant that Pennsylvania’s ID law is going away forever. State residents could see it take shape after the November election. At least if it happens then, it gives people more time to get up to speed.

The case could still be appealed to the PA Supreme Court.

So, if you live in Pennsylvania, here is a rundown of important dates and information you need to know:

  • Voter registration deadline: Tuesday, October 9
  • Absentee ballots mailed: Tuesday, October 23
  • Deadline to request an absentee ballot: Tuesday, October 30
  • Election Day: November 6
  • There are no early in-person voting options in the state.



How do you feel about the relaxing of the voter ID requirements in Pennsylvania today? 

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