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Pres. Obama Barely Leading In FL and OH Against GOP Rivals

| On 28, Mar 2012

Pres. Obama is going to need more than his charm and a great smile to win the electoral battles in FL and OH this fall. (Photo by Olivier Douliery/PictureGroup via AP IMAGES)

The general election campaign isn’t fully underway yet, but polling shows some weak areas for President Obama.

As usual, the focus is on battleground states — Florida and Ohio, this time.

The president does not have a commanding lead over his GOP rivals in these two states that are major players in the upcoming election.

Here is how President Obama fared against Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, according to the latest Quinnipiac University Poll:

  • FLORIDA: Obama leads Romney by a 49-42% margin. Obama leads Santorum by 50-37%. Only 47% of Floridians approve of the job President Obama is doing in office.
  • OHIO: Obama leads Romney by a 47-41% margin. Obama leads Santorum by 47-40%. As far as job approval, much like in Florida, only 47% of Ohioans approve President Obama’s performance.

As with most things political, these numbers can and most likely will change as the race continues. The GOP hasn’t even worked out who their nominee will be yet. So, it may be a little early to pit the president against two rivals.

The numbers do indicate some hard work the president’s campaign will have to do in Florida and Ohio. These will not be easy wins for Obama. Voter disenchantment, a weak economy, and a ransacked housing market are heavy on the minds of voters in these two states.

The numbers also show that Republicans have yet to really get behind a candidate. They seem to just want anyone-but-Obama at this point, as evidenced by the close poll results for Romney and Santorum.

At least President Obama is not behind in these two states. With no concrete plans of action, I’d be hard-pressed to see why either Santorum or Romney should be leading at this stage.



Do you think President Obama will win the electoral college vote of Florida and/or Ohio in November? 

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