Pres. Obama Belts Out “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green (VIDEO)

| On 19, Jan 2012

On Thursday night while the GOP candidates duked it out in the Republican debates in South Carolina, President Obama had something else up his sleeve.

He was in New York City (Harlem to be exact) at the famous Apollo Theater raising some cold hard cash for his re-election bid this year. Tickets started at $200 for the event.

Of course, he hit all of the high points about why he should be reelected, what’s wrong with Republicans, and what will be different in the next four years.

But, the REAL gem of the evening was the president acknowledging that soul music legend Rev. Al Green was in the building. To my shock, the president gave the audience a little taste of Green’s 1972 hit “Let’s Stay Together” .. in key, I might add.

This is absolutely hilarious! I love when the president loosens up a bit and acts silly.

Thanks to our dedicated reader Miss Jia for the great tip on this one!

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