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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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Pres. Obama Signs “Thank You” to Deaf Young Man

| On 21, Mar 2012

President Obama made an interesting exchange with one of his supporters on the campaign trail last week.

He signed “Thank you” to the young man who let him know (in American Sign Language), “I am proud of you.”

The moment was a small one that “Stephon” recorded on what looks like his camera phone. He was seated in the VIP section during President Obama’s appearance at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland on March 15. Stephon is 26 years old and a deaf student at the school.

After the speech, the President Obama shook hands with several people in the area. When he got to Stephon, he allowed him to sign his message of approval. Much to the young man’s surprise, the president signed back to him quickly.

It was a moment that humanized the president, even if for a split second.

Conservatives are, of course, mad that many of their candidates can’t even relate to people with all five senses in tact.¬†Hell, they barely like people that speak Spanish. So they are trying to say that the “liberal media” is blowing up Stephon’s story to suck up to the president.

No, not quite.

Stories of the hearing impaired, or frankly many people with disabilities, aren’t told in the mainstream media. They are people too. It was nice to see Stephon’s excitement to meet “his president,” someone that he has every right to communicate with.

I like little behind-the-scenes moments like these.

Thanks to @Ranity for the heads-up on the story!

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