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Pres. Obama Surprises With Afghanistan Visit to Sign Agreement

| On 01, May 2012

Afghan President Hamid Karzai and U.S. President Barack Obama are trying to straighten out some things between their two countries. (Photo credit unknown)

You never know exactly where President Obama may end up, even though much of his schedule is public record.

This afternoon (Eastern time), he surprised people by popping up in Kabul, Afghanistan for a meeting with President Hamid Karzai. From all the looks of it earlier this week, it seemed like the president would be around the country handling normal administration and campaign business. Not exactly so…

While in the Middle East, Obama will sign a “strategic partnership agreement” between the U.S. and Afghanistan. It says our country will provide support to Afghanistan for 10 years after we finally get serious about ending the war. That should hopefully come sometime soon around the end of 2014.

Obama and Karzai will make a live televised address at 7:30 p.m. ET (4:00 a.m. Afghanistan time) on Tuesday. Today, not by coincidence, is the one-year anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden — the world’s most well-known terrorist who took refuge in Afghanistan for a time.

Ahead of a brutal 2012 campaign season, the president is reminding the U.S. and the world about any progress in the war against terrorists.

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