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Prune Juice Media | April 21, 2014

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Racist NASCAR Shirt Makes Clear Point About Blacks (PHOTO)

| On 21, May 2012

(Photo via Americans Against the Tea Party)

The phrasing on this shirt, sadly, doesn’t surprise me.

I won’t bash the Tea Party because I know they didn’t make the shirt. I blame ignorance at this level as the consistent work of a small group of individuals.

It does make people think about the “lack of diversity” in NASCAR racing. Hmmm…


  1. Jim Gordon

    Lack of diversity in NASCAR, name another sport that woman and men are competing in the same event. The drivers come from many different races and backgrounds. Yes you have a lot of jackass NASCAR fans but most are good people. Watch a few races, you might learn something.

  2. True to say, that is really a critical phrasing on this shirt but I have understood your thoughts as well. It would be better if you give some more details on this issue. Thanks and keep updating on this way. Carry on :lol:

  3. I won’t bash the Tea Party because I know they didn’t make the shirt.

  4. Ipa baby

    Yeah, I highly agreed with Stevie. I think we all should realize the issue. Truly this T-shirt should never have on them. It is right.
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  6. Ed McAuley

    That is something printed t-shirts should never have on them. There should be no place for racism in this day and age, even on shirts.

  7. Jocy

    WOW! I have friends and relatives who love NASCAR and are black. While I don't understand watching cars drive circles on a track for hours at a time, I stand up for their right to watch an event they enjoy. I am disappointed, yet not surprised, that foolishness like this still exists.

  8. Wyatt

    Correction, Sir. That shirt doesn't make a clear statement about Black people. That shirt makes a clear statement about him.

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