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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Republican Gives Obama a Public Bear Hug (PHOTO)

| On 10, Sep 2012

bear hug Barack Obama Florida Republican

President Obama gets an unexpected “pick-me-up” while on the campaign trail over the weekend. (Photo by Saul Loeb of Getty Images)

This was one of the more startling images from the weekend, besides Joe Biden snuggling up with bikers on the campaign trail.

President Obama made a stop in Fort Pierce, Florida. The owner of Big Apple Pizza and Pasta Italian Restaurant, Scott Van Duzer, greeted the president in a pretty unorthodox way when he walked in the establishment.

Van Duzer gave Obama a huge bear hug and lifted him off the ground. What’s even more strange is that he is a Republican who has now said he will vote for Obama.

My first thought was whether or not Van Duzer was crazy .. lol .. because Secret Service does NOT play when it comes to President Obama. However, I’m sure he passed a background check and metal detector screening.

Still, who thinks to pick the PRESIDENT up off the ground?! lol..

Van Duzer probably goes down in history as the first person to give a sitting president a “wedgie” in public.

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