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Republicans Accuse Obama of Campaigning On Taxpayer Dollars

| On 26, Apr 2012

Could Pres. Obama be blurring the line between his re-election campaign and official business (Photo by The New York Times)

Is President Obama double-dipping between his campaign funds and those allotted to his role as leader of the country?

If you ask the Republican National Committee, they say ‘yes.’ The group wants a formal investigation into whether or not some of his latest appearances in battleground states have been disguised as “official” events when they were really campaign appearances.

There are some clear rules about who pays for what when the president operates in an official capacity vs. campaign functions. In short, the government picks up the tab for official stuff. The campaign has to pay for all of its events. If the president uses Air Force One for a campaign event, for instance, his campaign has to reimburse the government for the costs.

The RNC is also looking into some of the language the president used at the events, hinting that it seemed more like campaign talk than official business. If he really was campaigning, then he owes the government more more for his travel expenses.

I’m not saying that the RNC doesn’t have the right to keep a watchful eye on other groups. The president is fair game for the same scrutiny as everyone else. However, this feels like an effort to stir up some controversy with the Obama campaign.

There will always be a blurry line between the campaign of an incumbent president and his official role. It’s not like he can jump on American Airlines and sit in first class like everyone else. Also, the issues the campaign addresses (economy, jobs, war, etc.) are the same ones the nation has dealt with for the past three and a half years.

I’d like to think the president and his team are smart enough not to mix official business with campaigning.



Do you think the Republican National Committee has a valid reason to investigate Pres. Obama’s alleged mix of resources for official and campaign business?

Or, is the RNC trying to build a controversy ahead of what will be a brutal 2012 campaign season? 

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