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Republicans Postpone Convention to Tuesday

| On 27, Aug 2012

Republican National Convention Tampa Florida 2012

In case you missed the weather report, Tropical Storm Isaac has disrupted more than a few plans of those in the Gulf Coast region.

The Republican National Convention was one of the casualties to the weather. Organizers decided to cancel the first day of activities that were to begin on Monday. All is not lost, though. The convention will begin in earnest on Tuesday.

The decision to postpone was due to the original weather forecasts that took Isaac into the eastern Gulf Coast very near to the Tampa Bay area. Organizers were worried that delegates and visitors to Tampa who had never been in a hurricane would be in the greatest danger.

The storm has since shifted course and will make a direct hit in the New Orleans area possibly as a Category 1 hurricane. Still, I believe, the planners made the right decision to put safety first and keep people out of harm’s way.

Mitt Romney is expected to formally address the convention on Thursday to accept his official nomination.

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