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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Rick Perry Says “God Help Us” If Obama Is Re-Elected

| On 04, May 2012

Rick Perry is bad-mouthing Pres. Obama as usual. But, those in glass houses shouldn't........ (Photo credit unknown)

It’s funny how people fail at something, forget how much they sucked, and attack those that are still achieving.

Rick Perry is just that type of person.

Like pretty much every Republican in the free world, he has taken to the conservative media outlets in support of Mitt Romney. His latest appearance on FOX News was an interesting one. In it, he talked about the presumptive GOP presidential nominee and President Obama.

When asked about the outcome of the November race for Romney, the Texas governor said:

“God help us if he doesn’t win.”

Really Rick?

We lived through eight years of George W. Bush as president and NOW he wants help from on High if President Obama is re-elected? It’s a little late to ask for God’s help in this one. The damage to the country was done long before Obama set foot in the White House.

All of this talk is coming from a man who couldn’t name three federal departments he would cut if he were president. He looked like a bumbling idiot or a complete mute in most of the debates. People have won student council elections with more votes than his tallies in the primary races.

God really did help US when he sent Perry back to Austin to run the state of Texas!



What do you feel about the ‘change of heart’ many of the former GOP candidates have had about Mitt Romney? Is it phony or necessary?

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