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Romney Apologizes For High School Pranks From Centuries Ago

| On 10, May 2012

Was Mitt Romney a bully in high school? Do we freaking care?! The man is 110 years old now. (Photo credit unknown)

Now I’m not usually one to defend Mitt Romney, but this story is a bit outlandish.

The Romney campaign has found itself back-peddling statements that the candidate “may” have made back in high school. An article appeared in The Washington Post today from one of Romney’s former classmates at Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, saying that he was harassed by the candidate while they were students.

In short, Romney is said to have teased John Lauber, who was a year younger than him, because he wore his hair blonde and was presumed to be gay. Romney is said to have tackled Lauber to the ground and cut his hair because he didn’t like it. People who were there that day and participated have independently come forward to verify the story.

Romney’s spokespeople say that he has no recollection of the incident. (Read: He remembers it happened, but knows it’s political suicide if he admits it. Lauber is now openly gay).  

I’m confused, though. How does something that happened 47 years ago bear relevance on the Romney of today? We all did and said idiotic things in our younger days.

Mitt Romney is 65 years old today. These incidents presumably happened around the Civil War and we are supposed to judge him for this? lol…

I’m sorry. But, if Lauber was so hurt by what Romney did, why didn’t he confront him before now? This is yet another non-issue that gets thrown into the news cycle.



Do the allegations of high school bullying against Mitt Romney change your view of him as presidential candidate? 

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