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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Romney Collects a Caucus Win in Maine, But Still Faces Challenges

| On 12, Feb 2012

Though he got another win last night in Maine, Mitt Romney has got bigger fish to fry with GOP discontentment of his candidacy. (Photo credit unknown)

In case anyone was paying attention on Saturday night, despite the news of Whitney Houston’s untimely death,  the results of the Maine GOP caucuses came in.

Mitt Romney won the state by a 39-36 percent margin over Ron Paul, the Texas Congressman. It wasn’t the blowout victory that Santorum racked up in Colorado and Minnesota over Romney. But, a win is a win. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich came in third and fourth, respectively.

It’s somewhat predictable that Romney won in a New England state. He has the name recognition from being the former governor of Massachusetts. Plus, the voters in the Northeast tend to be more liberal-leaning conservatives and likely to support “centrist” candidates. That explains why Ron Paul had a strong second-place finish on Saturday. He appeals to the open-minded or fringe conservative.

Mitt is facing some challenges despite this latest win. The “surge” that Rick Santorum has received is real. Republican voters aren’t rallying behind Romney en masse. I mean, he has the support. It just feels like it’s by his default status as the richest candidate instead of genuinely because of his great ideas.

For a full breakdown of the Maine caucus results, click here.

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