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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Romney Doesn’t Care About 47 Percent of Voters Who Support Obama (VIDEO)

| On 18, Sep 2012

This tea could not be hotter if I boiled it myself!

Mother Jones leaked a video of a private fundraiser for Mitt Romney where the candidate himself spoke to the group. In it, he shows nothing but his truest of colors when it comes to his feelings about Obama supporters.

In the video, taped before the Republican National Convention, Romney basically says that all Obama supporters are asking for handouts from the government. Meanwhile, the only voting bloc he thinks he needs to sway are Independents who actually know the value of hard work and personal responsibility.

Just when I thought no one could run a worse Republican campaign than McCain/Palin in 2008…..

How stupid do you have to be to say this out loud in our 24-hour news and social media cycle? 

Late Monday night, Romney admitted to making the remarks. He said they were “not elegantly stated” and “spoken off the cuff.” REALLY MITT?!

Bottom line is this. Anyone in my eyes who votes for Mitt Romney knows up front what they are getting with this guy. He only wants to govern the 53 percent of the country he feels either support him or are “independent” enough to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. To hell with the 47 percent of government-dependent, sad, leeching, and downtrodden Obama supporters! Never mind that as president, it would be his duty to SERVE the entire nation … not just the slice that he likes.

But trust me, Romney will NOT have to worry his salt and pepper wig about being president. NO SIR! This video is sure to sway at least a fraction of independent voters (read: women) over to Team Obama. This will all but widen the leads that the president has over him in some key states.

Thank you from the bottom of my government-dependent heart Mitt Romney!



What do you think of Mitt Romney’s comments about supporters of President Obama?


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