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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Romney Fights “Exhaustion” Accusations as He Cancels Event

| On 13, Aug 2012

Mitt Romney exhaustion president Republican Election 2012

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Is the campaign trail wearing out Mitt Romney?

According to the Orlando Sentinel on Monday morning, Mittens has a case of exhaustion that caused him to cancel of local economic roundtable. He was still scheduled to make appearances later in the day in St. Augustine and Miami.

Mitt’s people swooped in quickly to debunk the story and say that the presumptive Republican nominee was not canceling because he was tired. They simply said it was because of his crammed schedule.

Though in Hollywood “exhaustion is the new black,” I could really see some truth to this report about Romney. Running for president is an other-worldly task that saps the lifeblood out of not only the candidate, but everyone who works for them.

Can you imagine how many planes, limos, airports, reporters, crowds, babies, and supporters Obama and Romney have to deal with? Add to that all of the germs people are exposed to and it’s a recipe for fatigue.

So, if I was Mitt I’d tell the media, “Hell yeah, I’m exhausted. At least I have a real reason for it.” But alas, that isn’t the case…

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