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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Romney Mans Up ‘En Español’ In Election War With Obama (VIDEO)

| On 18, Jun 2012

Mitt Romney’s team just remembered that there is an entire growing community of Latinos who may want to hear what he has to say before November.

The presumptive GOP nominee released his latest Spanish ad titled, “¿Van Bien?” recently. It’s basically a translation of his English-language spot called “Doing Fine.”

The ad asks viewers if we are really “doing fine..,” showing a clip of what President Obama said in a press conference a few weeks ago. Obama would later go on to retract and clarify his statement, but it was too late for the Romney campaign not to pounce on the gaffe.

Romney is behind the 8-ball with Latinos. His lack of support for the type of immigration reform they want to see, mixed with lower overall backing for the GOP from Latinos, doesn’t bode well for the candidate. His Spanish-language outreach has been meager at best. When it comes to interfacing with Latinos, President Obama is running the electoral show.



Do you think Mitt Romney is putting his campaign at a disadvantage by not doing more Latino election outreach?

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