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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Romney Releases Rare Ad Targeted to Blacks (VIDEO)

| On 26, Jul 2012

Mitt Romney is capitalizing on the appearance he made last week at the NAACP convention in New Orleans.

Armed with a new ad titled, “We Need Mitt Romney,” the spot offers some highlights from his high-profile speech to the civil rights group. The goal is to obviously get black people on board with the idea of how great their lives could be with Romney as president.

Eh, I don’t buy it, but whatever…

The strange thing, as Think Progress noted, is that the commercial is edited in a way to make it seem as if the overwhelmingly black NAACP audience was cheering loudly as the candidate spoke. Not true according to people who were in the room with Romney and media outlets covering the address. In fact, they remember distinct boos from the audience at times.

Still, I have to give it to Romney for trying to go the distance for a diverse audience. I just don’t get into this manufactured support to make us believe that hundreds of black people clapped in unison for Romney’s policies. It didn’t happen.



How do you feel about Mitt Romney’s new ad geared to African-American audiences?

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