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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Romney Signs Get Pissed On and Cars Are Keyed Before Election

| On 08, Oct 2012

Mitt Romney sign piss urine

Pee-pee on Mitty? (Photo via Twitchy/Twitter)

Some Obama supporters, or non-Romney fans, have crossed the lines in recent weeks about the upcoming election.

A website called Twitchy reported that signs and decals in support of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney have been defaced. One Twitter picture shows someone urinating on a sign. Another photo shows obvious key marks on a window decal.

What is up with people these days? We can even respectfully disagree on positions without threatening people or vandalizing property. Then people wonder why politics is so heated. People become extra-defensive when they feel their position(s) are not adequately heard.

Now, of course, conservative outrage is going to paint all Democrats and liberals with the same brush about this issue. How quickly they have forgotten that Obama supporters have also been victim to the five finger discount from Republicans. Let’s remember that both sides are guilty of these offenses.

Freddy Kruegger does not like Mitt Romney. (Photo via Twitchy/Twitter)

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