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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Romney Targets Iowa With ‘Obama Economy’ Ad (VIDEO)

| On 15, May 2012

This must be the week for depressing presidential campaign videos.

Mitt Romney pulled a trick out of his sleeve with his newly-released ad called “A Few of the 23 Million.” The spot targeted at Iowans and highlights how the “Obama economy” has played negatively in the lives of everyday Iowans. Romney is set to give a major policy speech in Des Moines on Tuesday and the spot coincides with his appearance.

The ad plays to the same heartstrings as President Obama’s new ad he released earlier this week. Like Obama’s ad, Romney’s may have committed a slight overreach in calling Iowa’s economic problems solely a part of the “Obama economy.” Clearly, the economy was in a tailspin before he got in office. It just worsened once Obama began his term.

Notice, though, how there is very little connection between the people and Mitt Romney. I felt like those stories could have been used in anybody’s ads. There weren’t a lot of specifics about how a Mitt Romney presidency could solve their ills.

Watch for yourself and see what some Iowans think about the president.



What do you think of Romney’s new Iowa ad titled, “A Few of the 23 Million?”

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