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Prune Juice Media | April 19, 2014

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Romney’s Foreign Policy Spokesperson Quits Because He’s Gay

| On 02, May 2012

Richard Grenell is out (no pun intended .. lol) as Mitt Romney's foreign policy spokesperson before he could even hang pics on his cubicle. (Photo by Stephen Hilger/Bloomberg News)

Things are kinda confusing in Mitt Romney’s camp today.

His newly-appointed foreign policy spokesperson, Richard Grenell, is already on the outs with the campaign. Grenell resigned his post on Tuesday seemingly because of the distraction that his homosexual lifestyle played on the campaign.

The ridiculous part is that Grenell has been openly-gay. However, there are rumors floating around as to exactly what led to him leaving before settling into the job. Some pro-family groups, such as the American Family Association, support the Romney campaign and denounce same-sex relationships.

Grenell says that he was “kept under wraps,” according to ABC News, because of his sexual orientation. The campaign fired back and said that was not true. They said he started in mid-April and that he had not officially stepped into his role yet.

Looking at it from the outside, I almost have to side with the Romney campaign. They hired Grenell as an openly gay man, so obviously his sexual orientation was not an issue. And two weeks on the job is not enough time for someone to actively “hide” you from the press.

It genuinely seems as if Grenell knew the press was going to give Romney flack for his sexual orientation, which some conservatives did. That looks like the reason he walked away and not something that the campaign did. I don’t know?



Do you think the departure of Grenell from the Romney campaign was a political or a personal decision?

Should Grenell have left his post at all? 


  1. Yolanda

    The unfortunate irony of it all. I think Grenell's departure was a political decision-this is his way of showing allegiance to the GOP. While he shouldn't have had to step down, I've read reports where he sent out some very unflattering and unforgiving tweets – which he has since deleted – so in a way I think that perhaps he brought some of this on himself.

  2. ybl

    oops I meant talking not taling

  3. ybl

    I think he incorrectly overestimated the affect his personal sheets would have on the campaign. Lindsey Graham doesn't let his private life get in the way of his allegiance to the GOP, that's just the quitter in him taling. He's from the party of no so just say "NO"ne of your business who ties me up at night!

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