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Rubio Takes Butt Beating With Obama’s Immigration Power Move

| On 19, Jun 2012

Marco Rubio senator Florida U.S. Senate

Florida Senator Marco Rubio got his immigration “trump card” pulled by the Obama Administration. Now, he’s crying in the corner. (Photo credit unknown)

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida), a Cuban-American, has been thrust into the spotlight yet again over immigration issues.

Rubio’s office confirmed that he would not release a Republican version of the DREAM Act in the coming days. They cite President Obama’s executive order last Friday to temporarily stop the deportations of some young illegal immigrants who are in the military or college as the reason they wouldn’t introduce their proposal.

Looks like the president beat the GOP to the punch and they can’t find a way to take credit for advancing the issue. Good move Obama!

Rubio said the president was doing nothing but playing “politics” in his latest move. Umm, isn’t that what Republicans were trying to do by cooking up a failed 2010 Democratic proposal and calling it their own?

Rubio is a really interesting character when it comes to immigration. As a Cuban-American, you would think that he would fully support the rights of illegals to have some pathway to gain citizenship in the U.S. by legal means. Well, he kinda does .. but his Republican side usually kicks in and prevents it.

We all know that there is no way Rubio’s party would have supported something they felt gave too much amnesty or allowed brown people to excel in this country. When you’re dealing with more than a few xenophobes, things like that happen.

I guess the Republicans’ next tactic is to forget that Rubio was ever going to release a “plan” of his own. Now they will continue to throw stones at President Obama to make him look like the enemy on immigration.

Makes a helluva lot of “sense” …………… *sigh*

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