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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Sarah Palin Is Pissed About Obama Campaign Ad

| On 13, Mar 2012

Sarah Palin is upset this week because of a new ad President Obama’s campaign released recalling her empty rhetoric on his social views.

From a post on her Facebook page, she called the ad a “diversionary tactic” and noted how her comments were taken “out of context.”

I watched the Obama ad and didn’t see where they “made” Sarah Palin look bad. She made herself seem like the hate-spewer. Palin went on a mainstream cable network, called the president out by name, and said relatively untrue things about him. They may not have all been said in one breath, but those thoughts stand alone no matter how you edit the tape.

And here’s a little hint for Ms. Palin .. political commercials always show the worst of what comes out of the mouths of political opponents. Just like she gallivants all over the U.S. down-talking him, he just spoon-fed her a bit of her own medicine.

I ain’t mad, Mr. President!



Do you think the Obama campaign’s ad misconstrues what Sarah Palin said about the president? 

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