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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Sarah Palin Unleashes Mama Grizzlies On Hilary Rosen (VIDEO)

| On 13, Apr 2012

I feel as if every week I have to tell Sarah Palin to please take the nearest seat possible. For some reason, though, she keeps getting up.

Palin took to Hannity on FOX News to inject herself into the debate between Hilary Rosen and Ann Romney about stay-at-home moms.

In her usual fashion, Palin totally steps into someone else’s moment for her shine. Nobody is checking for her, yet she is still throwing stones at liberals. Americans are waiting on her to actually COMPLETE a task (i.e., the governorship she walked away from) before knocking someone else’s job performance.

Sarah Palin wasn’t checking for stay-at-home moms before the Hilary Rosen comment. But now she’s their champion? Good night.



Does Sarah Palin have a point that women are treated differently in the media depending on their liberal or conservative label?

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