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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Scott Brown Side-Eyes Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Cherokee’ Heritage Claim (VIDEO)

| On 27, Sep 2012

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) is taking some heat lately for keeping it a bit too real on the campaign trail.

His Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren, made a claim that she has 1/32nd Cherokee Nation heritage. Brown didn’t exactly believe Warren, who to the naked eye looks like a white woman. In a new ad, he claims that Warren used her Native claim and minority status to advance herself as a law professor.

At a recent rally, some senior Brown staffers were caught leading offensive Native American chants in regards to Warren. The leader of the Cherokee Nation wants an apology from Brown himself.

I am not opposed to anyone standing up for the heritage they believe they hold. And yes, Brown was not politically correct by going along with whatever Warren said she was. It’s really none of his business.

However, this is one of those situations where Scott Brown ALLUDED TO the first thought that a lot of people had in their minds about Warren’s Native claim. People did not believe her, especially since record-keeping is difficult going back so many generations. It’s a tough call to say anyone is 1/32nd of something when those features won’t be evident at all.

Check out Scott Brown’s latest attack ad on the issue:

Elizabeth Warren Massachusetts Cherokee Native American

MA-Sen. candidate Elizabeth Warren (Photo by Don Treeger/The Republican/Landov)

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