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Todd Akin Stays In Senate Race After “Legitimate Rape” Comment (VIDEO)

| On 21, Aug 2012

The Republican Party had the worst day ever on Monday. And the effects of what happened probably won’t go away anytime soon.

On Sunday, Republican Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin appeared on the “Jaco Report” in St. Louis when the topic of abortion was raised. Akin is against abortion altogether, even in cases of rape or incest.

Akin made his now infamous comment that if a woman suffers a “legitimate rape,” then the body has ways of shutting down so that she doesn’t become pregnant. In Akin’s sick world, there’s an actual difference between types of rape. In his mind, some women must go through a fake rape and others have the real thing.

The GOP PR machine went into overdrive after the clip went viral.

Republicans from every corner of the country went on the offense to distance themselves from Akin, who is currently serving in the U.S. House of Representatives from Missouri’s 2nd District. Blogs and social media exploded with people, Republicans and Democrats alike, vilifying Akin for his remarks.

American Crossroads and the National Republican Senatorial Committee both pulled financial support for the candidate. These are some of his most conservative backers. Mind you, he has until November before the election happens. There is a lot more expensive campaigning to do.

So, of course, Akin had an ‘epiphany’ and clarified his comments. He refused, however, to drop out of the Senate race against incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill.

He said the following in a written statement:

I believe deeply in the protection of all life, and I do not believe that harming another innocent victim is the right course of action. I also recognize that there are those who, like my opponent, support abortion, and I understand I may not have their support in this election.” [SOURCE]

In short, he stands by his asinine remarks and hopes that the public will gloss over his little ‘error.” Akin actually believes that the brand of conservatism he wants to bring to the Senate is going to sell with people … you know … despite the fact that some rapes against women are ok.

I wish him the worst LOSS the state of Missouri can throw at him in November!



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