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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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South Dakota Legislator Wants Teachers to Have Guns In Schools

| On 18, Dec 2012

Betty Olson South Dakota House of Representatives

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As if the tragedy on Friday in Newtown, Connecticut wasn’t enough, we have people trying to put MORE guns in schools.

In South Dakota, state Rep. Betty Olson (R-Prairie City) sees the solution to mass school shootings in arming teachers, janitors, and other school personnel with loaded weapons. I guess she thinks that if the adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School would have been packing heat, then they could have saved their own lives … from a killer with four weapons, including a semi-automatic rifle. Huh?

When defending her position about armed teachers in a scenario like Sandy Hook, Olson offered this ridiculous statement:

“They’re going to be dead regardless, the way I see it, so (being armed) is the only chance they’ve got,” Olson said.

Olson’s proposal is so one-sided. What about all of other countless school days that go by without incident of a school shooting? What if a student got a hold of a weapon and fired it? Could a teacher turn on an unruly student in a flash of anger and misuse the weapon? I have tough questions.

There has to be nothing worse than filling a learning environment with loaded weapons. In my opinion, it solves no issues other than adding tension to a now already-heightened situation.

The real issue is around the need for increased gun control and mental health support. Adam Lanza should have never been able to walk into that school with combat-style weapons. Mental health treatment needs to be more widely available long before problems like this reach their peak.

I know Republicans, and some Democrats, hate to do it but they will need to start seriously considering gun control. This problem is too far out of hand.

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