Southern GOP Voters Still Think Pres. Obama Is a Muslim

| On 12, Mar 2012

President Obama should be sick of people who STILL don't understand him after three years in office. (Photo and graphic credit unknown)

Sometimes it feels like we live in a time warp.

Ahead of primary races this Tuesday in Alabama and Mississippi, pollsters have been connecting with GOP voters in both states.

It’s sad to say that many of the backwoods stereotypes people have used to describe those living in the Deep South still exist today.

Let’s review what the pollsters found, according to Talking Points Memo:

  • President Obama is a Muslim … according to the opinions of 45 percent of those polled in Alabama and 52 percent in Mississippi.
  • We are not sure if President Obama is a Muslim or a Christian … according to 41 percent in Alabama and 36 percent in Mississippi.
  • Interracial marriage should be outlawed … according to 21 percent of those in Alabama and 29 percent in Mississippi.

What in all hell is going on in these states in 2012?

I know that Mississippi and Alabama will never be California on the liberal scale, but they do have TV and Internet there. When have they seen the president practice any act of the Islamic faith during his presidency? And are they still stuck on the archaic battles of decades past in discussing interracial marriage? I don’t understand at all.

It’s really hard not to stereotype certain segments of the population behind this information. Not all Southern GOP voters are close-minded, but these results are making the argument weaker.



What do you think of people who still say that President Obama is a Muslim? 

Also, give us your thoughts on the interracial marriage findings in the polls. Would love to hear those!

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