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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Stingy Romney Cuts Staff Credit Cards Hours After His Loss

| On 10, Nov 2012

Mitt Romney sad credit cards staff Election 2012 canceled

(Photo via Mother Jones)

We all knew that Mitt Romney and his team were not happy with the Election Day results.

However, they went a step further and took it out on their loyal staff members soon after the outcome was official. Romney canceled his staff’s credit cards after his concession speech and left many of them on the hook for cab rides home.

This multi-millionaire didn’t even have the decency to give his staff a ride home? Let’s not even discuss the millions of dollars in campaign funds they were sitting on. Wow.

It seems that there was no warning that the financial tit would dry up. Papa Romney just turned off the faucet suddenly.

These were the same people who slaved for him for two years to try to get him elected. Think of all the travel, long hours, and time away from family that they endured. This is how much he respected and honored their service. It wasn’t even worth a cab ride.

Mitt Romney is a sore loser and a piss-poor leader. Stiffing your staff is never a way to win friends in the long run.

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