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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Supporter Hollers About Getting a Free Phone From Obama (VIDEO)

| On 02, Oct 2012

All anyone can do after watching this video is hang their head in shame.

Let’s go to my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio for a quick second. Mitt Romney appeared in the area recently to campaign for president and protesters from the Service Employees International Union quickly lined up.

It only took a camera and a YouTube account to show the dark side of ill-informed voters. I’m not sure if people purposely act an ass because they know they are being filmed or if they are really like this.

The lady in the video really think that President Obama should be re-elected because “Everybody in Cleveland know [sic] that minority [sic] gotta Obama phone…”

The unidentified supporter was referring to a program called Lifeline started under President George W. Bush that provides phones to low-income families. Rep. Tim Griffin (R-Arkansas) originally introduced the bill in Congress for the program. It was at first only to include landline phones, but was expanded for cell phones in 2008. [SOURCE]

I just want to hold her close while I introduce her to my friends ‘subject’ and ‘verb.’ Clearly, she has never met them before. Mind you, this video has over 2.7 million views on YouTube. This means that other people have cackled at this level of ignorance. Sweet Jesus.

And then people wonder why some Obama supporters are seen as sheep and not taken seriously. She set back Democrats, Obama supporters, blacks, and people from Cleveland by 50 years .. all with a few seconds of footage. *bangs head against brick wall*

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