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Swedish Officials Laugh While Eating African ‘Mutilation’ Cake (VIDEO)

| On 17, Apr 2012

This is one of the most disturbing videos I have seen on YouTube for a few reasons.

What you’re looking at is a performance artist in black minstrel face at the “head” of a cake shaped like an African woman laid across the table. Every time someone cuts the cake, the head screams as if the “body” is being mutilated.

The idea actually came from a Swedish artist of African descent, Makode Linde. He needs his ass beat for this one. It shouldn’t surprise me, though. In his Facebook pictures, Linde is seen hanging with friends in a cap that reads, “NIGGER.”

Nobody in the room saw anything wrong with the display? I’m not 100% up on my Swedish culture, but they had to know that SOMETHING was awry here.

To make matters worse, the Swedish Minister of Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth was in the room, laughing it up, and cutting the cake along with everyone else. She even fed the mutilated “clitoris” depicted on the cake to the performance artist. Government officials support this?

I’ve heard of live art done in tasteful settings. This right here doesn’t qualify at all.

Makode Linde (Photo via Facebook)



What are your honest thoughts on the African female ‘mutilation’ cake in Sweden?

What does it say to you about perceptions of African people and their descendants across the globe?


Thanks to Jocelyn for the heads-up on the story and video.

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