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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Tagg Romney Wanted to “Swing” On Obama During Debate (AUDIO)

| On 18, Oct 2012

Tagg Romney Mitt Romney Election 2012

(Photo by The Tribune)

Tagg Romney was really feeling himself during the presidential debate on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, the eldest son of Gov. Mitt Romney was interviewed on “The Bill LuMaye Show” on WPTF-AM in Raleigh, North Carolina. The state is key in the Romney victory strategy and one that looks promising for them. Romney’s son told the Lumaye that when he heard the things President Obama was saying to his father, he wanted to “swing” on him.

Yep. A candidate’s son and campaign surrogate actually voiced a threat out loud about the president of the United States.

[Click here for the audio of the interview.]

Tagg Romney was realistic, though, that his vision could never happen because of the crazy amounts of security around the president. I guess that’s a silver lining if you’re looking for one.

I don’t think that Romney would ever put his hands on the president, and not just because Obama would mop the floor with him. He’s too smart for that. This is a heated campaign. The meaning behind Romney’s words did NOT indicate to me that he was actually serious. So, people can calm down.

Poor choice of words? Yes! Immediate threat to the Commander-In-Chief? Not in the least. Obama’s only nine years older than Tagg. He can take him!



What do you think about Tagg Romney’s comments about getting physical with the president after Tuesday night’s debate?

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