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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Texas Voter ID Law Is Blocked by Feds

| On 13, Mar 2012

Feds to Texas: "Hell no on this voter ID law!" LOL! (Photo by Wayne Wendel)

The new voter ID law in Texas is a no-go according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

On Monday, federal officials sent a letter to Texas saying they would not pre-clear the law to go into effect because it slighted Hispanic voters at a high rate from their right to cast ballots.

In short, the feds stood up against the disenfranchisement of Latinos, a hot topic in minority communities this year.

Texas submitted information to federal officials saying that nearly 11 percent of Hispanics registered to vote do not have a valid state ID, as compared with almost five percent of the general population. Some other data the state provided said that Hispanic voters were 120 percent more likely to NOT have a valid ID than others.

Now that’s a problem!

The federal government is involved in the voter ID law in Texas, as it is in several others states, due a long-standing requirement of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Any changes to voting procedures at the state level have to be approved by federal officials first. In this case, the checks and balances system tripped up the efforts of Texas officials to potentially skew the voter turnout statewide.

Stories like this are a perfect example of why it’s important to know the voter ID laws in your state. Also, people need to get themselves and others registered to vote. Browse our “2012 Voter Info” page for quick links to voter ID laws by state, voter registration and early voting information. Share the info with a friend!



Do you think the federal government was fair to stop Texas from implementing its voter ID law? 

What do you think of the current voter ID laws in place, perhaps those in your state?


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