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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Tim Pawlenty Ditches Romney Campaign For Lobbying Gig

| On 20, Sep 2012

Financial Services Roundtable Tim Pawlenty Minnesota Mitt Romney national co-chair

Tim Pawlenty is headed for the nearest exit of Romney’s sinking ship. (Photo credit unknown)

Amid all of this “47 percent” controversy, it’s never been a better time to exit Mitt Romney’s campaign. Former GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty seemed to agree with that sentiment.

Effective immediately, Pawlenty will no longer serve as national co-chair for the Romney campaign. This is a role he has held for over a year. He took it shortly after he quit the race in 2011 because of his poor showing the Iowa straw poll.

Pawlenty is using his Republican notoriety for a major come-up. He will become chairman of the Financial Services Roundtable, a well-known Wall Street lobbying firm. According to the Boston Globethey are made up of over 100 banking, insurance, and investment firms that manage $92.7 trillion in assets.

All of the press releases and news articles would have you believe that the shakeup in Romney’s campaign are solely from “new opportunities” being realized. Ha! I think slowly people realize that Romney may lose due mostly to his own gaffes and inability to connect with enough people.



Do you think Pawlenty’s exit from Team Romney is a sign of more resignations to come before November 6?

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