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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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TIME Names Pres. Obama as Its ‘Person Of the Year’

| On 19, Dec 2012

TIME magazine Barack Obama president Person of the Year 2012

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President Obama has yet another career accomplishment, of sorts, to add to his resume.

TIME has named the Commander-In-Chief as its coveted ‘Person of the Year.’ The title doesn’t work much on Capitol Hill as it does in cementing his legacy in pop culture. The TIME honor is a pretty damn cool achievement!

Now, let’s be honest. Getting a shout-out from TIME is better than just a random “pop culture” moment. The storied magazine provided a lengthy description of WHY they bestowed their highest distinction on the president.

Here’s a piece about his unrelenting support in the face of a today’s harsh media environment:

“A sizable chunk of the President’s most ardent backers don’t admire either party yet think Obama is somehow above it all, immune to all the horse trading and favor mongering that politics entails. These voters aren’t political in the cable-TV sense of the word. But in 2012, they stuck by Obama. In the last month of the Obama campaign’s voter registration, 70% of those signed up were women, minorities or people under 30,” the magazine printed.

To me, that says a lot. There are plenty of people *glares at FOX News* who will never believe that Pres. Obama should be the ‘Person of the Year.’ But, the president’s core support lies in the people who aren’t cable and Internet political junkies like me. They carried him to the White House and have contributed greatly to his unique phenomenon.

I encourage you to read TIME’s piece on the president. Now I have a clearer understanding of why he beat me for this year’s honor. Maybe I’ll get it next year? Lol…

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