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Prune Juice Media | April 18, 2014

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Tired-Looking Mitt Romney Pumps His Own Gas (PHOTO)

| On 21, Nov 2012

Mitt Romney gas pump Election 2012 loser Republican

(Photo via Twitter)

Well, well, well….

Former presidential candidate and the GOP’s newest hate-target, Mitt Romney, was seen doing something that a lot of America’s 47 percent do.

He pumped his own gas.

Look at his somewhat disheveled presentation. Life is hard for those that can’t accept their resounding defeat in the presidential race. Even Romney mentioned recently that he and his family were slow to adjust to his loss.

It’s showing in this picture….


  1. grb

    Ya know, with all the attention lavished on candidates who are “regular folk, just like me”, this photo would have given added traction to his campaign, particularly for those of us put off by on-the-spot bets of $10k or definitions of “middle income” that are off by a factor of five.

  2. ybl

    Welcome to the world of NOT GETTING EVERY DAMN THING YOU WANT! AKA the real world!

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