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Today’s Fun, Yet Depressing, Factoid About CEO Pay

| On 19, Apr 2012

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Did you know that Fortune 500 CEOs in 2011 made on average 380 times more than the average worker?

That figure has skyrocketed from 42 times the average worker’s pay in 1980. In 2010, corporate leaders pulled in 343 times more than employees. These figures are according to the AFL-CIO’s Executive Pay Watch.

CEOs roughly earned $12 million last year. I can’t, in recent memory, think of anyone I know at an employee level pulling in money like that.

The AFL-CIO wants more equity in the pay and pay structure of CEOs in relation to the companies they serve. In theory, this sounds like a good idea. But, many of these are still private companies whose shareholders can decide what they want to pay CEOs. It doesn’t look fair on paper, but that can be said about several things in this economy.

It’s a thorny issue, but one that today’s labor market cannot overlook.



What do you think about the rate of pay for today’s Fortune 500 CEOs?

Do companies owe their workers more fairness in their pay structures?


Shout-out to Think Progress for the figures on CEO pay.

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