Jan. Unemployment Falls to 8.3 Percent With 243K Jobs Added

| On 03, Feb 2012

We end the week on a good note for unemployment and jobs numbers in the U.S.

The U.S. economy added 243,000 new jobs in January, a better than expected number. The unemployment rate for the nation fell to 8.3 percent, down from 8.5 percent in December.

Unfortunately, a total of 12.8 million people are still out of work.¬†That figure doesn’t take into account the people who have dropped out of the labor force altogether and won’t get up off of Mama’s couch to look for a job.

This news is bound to have Republicans scrambling to rewrite their talking points quickly. They have tried to mount a campaign against the president to say unemployment has been awful and the economy has added no jobs. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The GOP has been banking on the fact that unemployment would remain sky high during the election season and that bad news would take them into the White House. It doesn’t look like it’s working. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are still waiting on concrete plans for the GOP for them to add jobs to the economy.

And I might add that the jobs created in January were PRIVATE SECTOR ones — the kind that the GOP love to tout as their favorites. Are they going to credit President Obama with this success? Hell no!

Just sit back today and watch the spin around these employment figures and this weekend in the mainstream media. It should be funny, if not sad, to see how the GOP continues to move the goalpost on the economy.

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