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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Unemployment Remains at 8.3%; 227K Jobs Added

| On 09, Mar 2012

The American people received some decent economic news this morning.

February unemployment remains unchanged at 8.3 percent from January. The economy added 227,000 jobs, which is a better strong number considering some of the weak job addition numbers from 2011.

As with any employment numbers, there is spin for days around the news. Democrats and President Obama will point to the figures as a sign that the economy is strengthening. Republicans and the GOP presidential candidates will say that unemployment is still higher than when President Bush was in office. They will also argue that the president’s stimulus policies haven’t really worked.

No matter who you believe, the economy is in better shape than, say, a year ago. Unemployment was 9.0 percent in February 2011 with 190,000 jobs added.

Something (and someone) is working around here again. Employment figures still need a major boost, though.

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