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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Was Joe Biden Being Racist With “Back In Chains” Comment? (VIDEO)

| On 15, Aug 2012

Vice President Joe Biden was speaking in Danville, Virginia on Tuesday when another one of his gaffes made headline news.

As he was addressing a predominantly African-American crowd, he reminded them of what Wall Street could look like under a Mitt Romney presidency.

He used Romney’s quote that he wanted to “unchain” the markets and provide less regulation in order to free up capital. Using this scenario, Biden disagreed and told the crowd, “He wants to put y’all back in chains.”

Get it? Black people. Chains. Slavery. Yeah that.

Out of context, Biden’s comments do not work in this hyper-sensitive media environment. But, if you watch the whole clip it’s easy to see where the “chains” reference came from. Biden was using Romney’s own metaphors against him to rile up the crowd.

Well, the media so far only seems to have run with the chains part of the speech. Romney and a few of his surrogates have already spoken out against what Biden said in order to fan the faux-outrage flames.

I’ve seen some pretty nasty things said by politicians, but this doesn’t qualify to me. Intent is everything and it is clear what Biden was referring to.

Could Biden have chosen other words? Yes. I’ll give people that. But, painting him as a racist? Nope.



What do you think about Joe Biden’s “chains” comments to the black audience in Virginia? 

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