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Wayne Brady Gets Ballsy Over Bill Maher’s Comments About Obama

| On 10, Jul 2012

Actor and comedian Wayne Brady is here to let you know that he’s not a pushover. And he’s sending that message directly to late-night talker Bill Maher who recently dissed him.

Maher has been less-than-pleased with President Obama’s performance in office. He feels as if the president isn’t forceful enough to get what he wants. So, he has been dogging Obama by comparing him to Wayne Brady.

What Maher is implying is that Brady is a very non-threatening Black person, considering his audience and interracial marriage. Maher sees this perceived “weakness” reflected in the president and called him out on it at least twice.

Well, the joke wasn’t funny to Brady. The situation was discussed on Aisha Tyler’s “Girl On Guy” podcast and he let loose on Maher. Brady called him out on messing with Black prostitutes and he hurled a hypothetical threat at Maher.

Take a listen….


NOTE: The clip features NSFW language that should not be played in front of children.


Thanks to Nicole for the tip!

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