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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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What Exactly Is a “Caucus” In Iowa?

| On 03, Jan 2012

One of these seven candidates will walk away with victory tonight in the Iowa caucuses. (Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images)

… Glad you asked because there are millions of Americans who either don’t know or don’t give a damn about the process in the Hawkeye State.

Tonight, voters in Iowa will “caucus” to pick the Republican candidate of their choice to beat President Obama in the general election. This isn’t your standard election day, though. The Iowa caucuses are a strange way of bringing voters together in a very old-school style of political process.

Here is how it works. Iowa’s Republicans voters will meet (re: caucus) this evening all at the same time (7:00 p.m. CT / 8:00 p.m. ET) at various locations around the state. There will be an opportunity for short speeches from official campaign representatives from each campaign. Voters will then decide by secret ballot who they want to win the contest.

The results will only start to pour in this evening. It’s not like a normal primary where people vote all day, the polls close, and then we know. The action won’t heat up until after 7:00 p.m. CT.

Since candidates all have a few more hours before the caucuses begin, they are making appearances throughout the state and on major media outlets.

I know TV watchers in Iowa have got to be TIRED of all the attack ads, campaigning, etc. They better enjoy these last few hours while they last. The candidates will completely forget about Iowa after today.

The next stop for candidates will be in New Hampshire for that state’s January 10 primary race.

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