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White House Announces President’s 2012 Commencement Schedule

| On 30, Mar 2012

President Obama greets students from Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis, one of the sites of his 2011 commencement speeches. (White House Photo)

If you are a 2012 graduate of Joplin High School, Barnard College, or the Air Force Academy, then you’re in luck this year.

President Obama will speak at each of these three commencements this spring as part of his annual round of speeches to graduates.

In usual fashion, the president’s team picked a diverse array of institutions where he could speak. Notice there is a military academy, a high school, and a women’s college in the mix. I guess they want to make sure everyone has a fair shot at securing the president as their speaker.

Joplin High is especially important this year because their school was badly damaged in last year’s horrific tornado that tore across the city. At least 160 people were left dead in its wake. The storm ironically struck just after the 2011 commencement exercises on May 22. President Obama toured the city a week after the storm and spoke at a memorial service for the victims.

The president joins First Lady Michelle Obama and other members of his team to hit the road for 2012 graduations. Mrs. Obama will speak at Virginia Tech, North Carolina A&T State University, and Oregon State University this spring.

Speeches by the Commander-In-Chief are scheduled for May 14 at Barnard, May 21 at Joplin High, and May 23 at the Air Force Academy.



What do you think of the choices of the president’s 2012 commencement speeches?

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