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Prune Juice Media | April 18, 2014

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‘White People Mourning Romney’ Tumblr Page Goes Viral Overnight

| On 08, Nov 2012

Mitt Romney white people Tumblr mourning Election 2012

She is super pissed at the Electoral College in this photo …. (Video still from ABC News)

The pictures on this Tumblr page were nothing short of hilarious! Who thinks of this stuff?

Someone created a blog site full of photos of white people VISIBLY PISSED at Tuesday’s election results. They were all supporters of Mitt Romney.

The sad part is that the focus on white people on this site isn’t out of race-baiting. These were the overwhelming majority of people who supported the candidate. It’s not only a display of their despair, but of what was wrong with the Romney campaign overall. He was not diverse at all in his outreach or levels of support.

Check out ‘White People Mourning Romney’ for yourself if you want to see other people’s political pain.


  1. JamieLime

    I had to yell laugh at some of these pictures. TOO FUNNY

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